History And Company Profile ·Business Scope As many of our old customer knows. Since early 1980. We have been supplying cutting tools,measuring tools,tool accessories worldwildely.we are one of the first company in china to do so with the broadest selection of products available at that time . with rapid growth of business, in 1999. we acquired Sichuan West Manufacturing Co.Ltd.—a leading cutting tool factory with 40years history located in JianYan.Sichuan..the acquisitionn solidifies the company’s position as a manufacturing /trading combined company,we started to make more than 60 kinds of Hss and carbon steel metal working and power tool accessories by our own production line. in additional.same year, we established our insepction office in shanghai conducting all PSI (pre-shipment-inspection).this greatly improve the products status when customer get the shipped goods.also.in 2007.the establishment of our second factory_west precision tools works complated.our manufacturing on carbide material tools started in late this year.
Today, At SCTOOLS. You will find almost all industrial supply tools, power tools accessories and MRO range products you need—around 1100 Items(include sizes) from our in-house manufacturing range and more than 67000 kinds of tools from our re-packing and trading range. We strive to be a solution company meeting customer’s various demand including standard produts and hard-to-find products we design or make.Being a leading manufacturing/trading group in China for industrial supply and Professional DIY tools.we are now supplying to more than 380 customers abroad and 90 customers domesticly.covering 5 category products for different line of customers worldwidly. Truly . the history of SCTOOLS is a continuing success story.


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